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PRIME Piling & Foundations LLC is specialised in the execution of infrastructure and civil engineering projects (shoring, dewatering, piling and foundation works) based on international know-how and by implementing latest construction technology. We focus on delivering products of highest quality according to international construction and safety standards and handing over projects successfully within the given time frame.
Our customers and business partners may rest assured that we spare no effort to meet and exceed their expectations in all aspects by contributing the technical competence and experience of our team to the successful completion of the project.

our competence

Thomas Pivovaroff brings more than 17 years of civil engineering project experience to his position as Technical Manager and handles the technical department incl. the preparation of quotations & tenders, overseeing all projects as well as taking care of our clients, consultants, sub contractors & suppliers. Thomas post graduated with a degree in civil engineering in Austria and expanded his practical knowledge in the Middle East and Europe.

Thomas PivovaroffTechnical Manager

quality & safety - our high standard policy

Main aspects of quality and safety

PRIME Piling & Foundations LLC knows that every project requires its own quality plan; consequently existing processes, both externally and internally have to be adapted.

Pile design

PRIME Piling & Foundations LLC executes the projects with advanced geotechnical and structural design based on soil investigations, reports, relevant standards and local authorities rules and regulations.

Job management/performance

PRIME Piling & Foundations LLC introduced several procedures and flow charts to provide adequate processes for a high performance and efficient project management.

Management of comptences/manpower

Existing communication channels within the company allow constant knowledge and information sharing in order to assure an aligned and most efficient working progress.

Safety procedures

As safety is indispensible in construction business, measures have been taken to prevent accidents of any description. A construction safety manual, a safety advisor as well as regular internal site inspections are main parts of the safety assuring plan.

Organizational culture

PRIME Piling & Foundations LLC cares for a positive working environment. Cooperation and communication within the organization are important factors to enable team spirit and loyalty. Additionally, the leadership helps to motivate the staff to fulfill the tasks given in an efficient manner and with high quality standards.

Infrastructure/supply chain management

In order to guarantee delivery of materials etc. in time and in the quality required, emphasis is put on a sophisticated supply chain management.

hse policy - healthy, safety, environmental

PRIME Piling & Foundations LLC considers the health & safety wellbeing of its employees, sub-contractors and others who may be affected by its activities or its environmental impact to be of primary importance to the success of each project which will be executed.
PRIME Piling & Foundations LLC recognizes that a safe and healthy company is as important to long term strength and stability as other key aspects such as cost management, quality and productivity. All of these elements are considered to be closely interrelated and mutually dependent. Consequently, all employees are requested to contribute to the continual improvement of the company’s HSE policy which is recognized of equal importance to other aspects of our business performance.
Whilst meeting all legislative and project requirements, the PRIME Piling & Foundations LLC will endeavor to surpass the minimal standards of compliance and strive towards achieving and ultimately setting the standards of health and safety best practice within the industry.
The PRIME Piling & Foundations LLC undertakes to fully support the implementation and integration of the HSE manual throughout all aspects of the project.
The PRIME Piling & Foundations LLC will support all staff at site that requests that work on any location should stop if in that person’s professional opinion the work is unsafe or may cause environmental damage. The safety manual performance is also included within the staff appraisal system and is rewarded accordingly.

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PRIME Piling & Foundations LLC provides international know-how and latest construction technology to the United Arab Emirates.

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